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Ethics Code

I made this ethics code not just to set rules but as a compass. It's a living guide that helps me make decisions in line with what I believe in. It's not set in stone; it grows and changes with my work, with the intention of guiding me to do things right.


People face different challenges each day, so its important to demonstrate compassion and understand that others may be dealing with their own struggles. I intend to lead with compassion in my work to encourage a healthy work environment.


Mistakes happen. When they do, I plan to hold myself accountable for the faults in my content and correct them in a timely manner. This will ensure that I produce the best material I can as accurately as possible.


There is always something new to learn. That is why I aim to continuously educate myself on the topics I am speaking or writing on. To ensure that I produce both timely and accurate content, I will expand my knowledge.


Self-development is essential to me. That is why I strive for continuous improvement in my work and myself. I intend to make purposeful goals that push me to attain both personal and professional growth.


I understand that things may not always go to plan. When that happens, I aim to accept the challenge and adjust what is needed to deliver the best results given the circumstances.


A responsibility I hold as a writer is to be transparent about my sources and give credit where it’s due. I intend to act with integrity and be truthful about the research I’ve gathered and the content I produce.

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