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How My Study Abroad Impacted My Goals

Hey y’all,

My name is Nyamal and I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea, at Korea University during the fall 2021 semester. Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. But as an independent student who had to navigate the costs, cultural differences and coursework - it wasn’t easy. Despite the challenge, I knew it would be a valuable experience and an amazing opportunity to experience a different culture. Below I detail how studying abroad has impacted my educational and career goals.

I Created a Nonprofit Organization

My confidence in my abilities has definitely grown since going abroad. While at Korea University, I met many motivational people who invested a lot of time outside of class into different entrepreneurial activities. I’ve always known that I wanted to start a business and that I wanted to help others in whatever I did, which is why I studied entrepreneurship in school. But being surrounded by a group of individuals who were working hard to build their own companies pushed me to start thinking of what I wanted to build.

That is why I’m currently working on building a nonprofit called BalangNyal Foundation. My goal is to build an organization that provides women with the hygiene, clothing and wellness products and provides resources that could empower them to grow as individuals and recognize the opportunities available for them. I’m thankful for my study abroad experience for giving me the confidence to take that step to start building.

Increased Job Opportunities

Careers in international education were never something I considered before studying abroad in Seoul. Primarily because I didn’t know of the opportunities that existed beyond teaching and government positions. This all changed after I took on the role of a TEAN Ambassador to promote study abroad programs on my campus and help students find a program that best suits them.

As an ambassador, I learned more about the variety of career options there were through different webinars we had. I found it interesting and wanted to learn more, which is why I applied and am currently working as a Business Transformation Intern at WorldStrides (the parent company of TEAN) to learn more about the field of international education.

Learning the Language

Learning the language was one of my favorite things about studying in Korea. I really enjoyed being able to apply what I’ve learned right away while traveling, eating, or shopping in Korea. While it’s difficult to stay on a consistent schedule, I still have been practicing since I’ve come back from Korea and am working to become an intermediate speaker in the language.

Graduate School

Graduate school is a topic I’ve debated for a few years, but studying abroad at Korea University helped me solidify that it is something I want to pursue. In several of my courses, we’ve had professors from other universities talk about their research and the interesting work they’ve done. Seeing the impact they’ve made through their work and the value that graduate school has provided them pushed me to think seriously about it and think of what I would like to pursue.

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